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Certified Teachers

Teachers play a very significant role in the lives of students. They impart knowledge and wisdom among children and adults. Teachers are the cornerstones of modern-day civilization.

Special Education

Special education can include a range of support services, depending on the special needs of the student.

Book & Library

The prime purpose of a library is to provide access to knowledge and information. To fulfil this mission, libraries preserve a valuable record of culture.

Audio Visual Room

Interactive learning sessions are held in the audio visual room which is well equipped with a LCD Projector and a large screen, a wide screen television,and CDs and DVDs on different subjects for different classes.

Day Schedules

20 Feb, 2021
Welcome to Kidzone

Welcome to Kid Zone Play School

As the name says “A place for the kids”. Here children love to be here. We cannot keep children apart from this place. Here they have freedom to play, to explore themselves. This is a place where children explore their unique potential.

Here in kid zone we provide platform to enhance their abilities, mental strength, to overcome their weakness and hesitation. Here in kid zone play school children learn through discovery. They actively participate in different activities conducted day by day.

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